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As the modern form of an ancient torture, death by 1000 meetings is defined as the annihilation of a project, action or ultimately a person due to time wasted in having to attend a seemingly infinite amount of non-productive meetings.

This is in direct correlation to the mathematical theory which states WORK = 1 / MEETINGS, as the amount of meetings increases, the amount of tangible work gets divided to oblivion.
Bob: What happened to the billion dollar R&D project that Joe was working on?
Mary: Death by 1000 meetings

Rick: Hey I thought you were working on that perpetual motion machine, why hasn't anything progressed in the last 3 years?
Jason: Death by 1000 meetings

Mark: Did you hear about the case of fiscal insolvency of a city over in California?
Ann: Sure did, yet another case of death by 1000 meetings!
by Max86 February 10, 2014
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