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Jim Morrison himself
Mr. Mojo Risin' was and still is a badass.
by Max Kansas March 18, 2005
A village in Texas who is currently missing their idiot.
Ever since George W. Bush left Crawford, the village has gotten smarter. It is a shame that everyone in the village more than likly voted for him.
by Max Kansas April 05, 2005
(AD for short) a club in which you study your ass of to prove who knows the most useless information than who and also to determine who has the most prowess.
Who has the most prowess in your AD team.
by Max Kansas April 05, 2005
a woman wo could pass as a man. especially one who could grow facial hair.
Person 1: Is that a gay couple?
Person 2: Nope, I think that guy is with a mol'woman.
by Max Kansas March 30, 2005
when you get drunk and fall down a flight of staris
I got this bruise when I got amoleizm during St. Patrick's day on Sunday.
by Max Kansas March 10, 2005
When you ask someone for a blowjob.
Man, that was one grrrreat Pepsi.
by Max Kansas April 10, 2005

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