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8 definitions by Matty D

After sliding your finger into the cathedral you then curl your finger and pull back.
Dude I jumped inside Sally's cathedral last night and totally fish hooked her. She then left me to fuck an alcoholic.
by matty D January 02, 2005
224 110
Usually in reference to an abnormaly large penis with a large circumference.
"All I remember is a flash, a scream, and a thud as the Meat-Hammer pummeled my interior!"
by Matty D November 22, 2004
53 18
Police Officer
Evening Cuntstable
by Matty D November 15, 2003
47 13
Used to kill vampires. Has to be struck into the heart.
Watch any vampire film.
by Matty D July 01, 2004
22 5
Another word for gypsy or traveller. An insult like the word Pikey.
Some besin nicked me bike, the little lucky heather selling shit!
by Matty D August 13, 2004
3 0
Brop:Repeated over and over and made longer and shorter by gangstas from nottingham to be loud and abbusive.
" brrrrrrrrop brop brop brop brrrrop"
by Matty D January 10, 2005
19 17
Someone who likes to give others the "backseat treatment".
Matty D gave Stacey Hamburgler the backseat treatment.
by Matty D March 30, 2005
1 7