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a really dumb fuckin move. Like somene shit themselves.
Gay ass 1: what the fuck he do man?

Gay ass 2: no man he just did a Zucker.
by Mattmanjr November 07, 2007
the jewish term of homeboys or ghetto.
Black Mike: I went to Shul the other day and i saw a huge minyan.

Black Rob: yeah man that shul ghetto.
by MATTMANJR November 16, 2007
A royal member to the hood. A real O.G. Original Gangster. Hood figga.
Fagget 1: who da fuck dat man?
Fagget 2: Hes a real hoody.
by Mattmanjr November 07, 2007
A poor ass hobo digging through a trash can for something that could be of value to them.
T.I: hey kanye.
Kanye West: whats happenin T.I.
T.I: man yesterday i think i saw a Gold Digger goin through your trash.
Kanye West: Holy shit! Im gonna fuckin murder that Gold Digger!!!
by Mattmanjr November 06, 2007
A Jewish guy whos really good at rapping. Could be mistaken for a Nigga.
Fuckface: Man that black guy is really good at rapping. i wonder where he gets his skills?

Smart guy who knows what he's talkin bout: Dude he's a Jigga, and he graduated out the Shul.
by Mattmanjr November 06, 2007

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