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A creature evolved from the modern squid, that has developed a concrete social structure and has taken to swinging through the trees like a gibbon. In 200 million years, the Squibbon will inherit "civilization" from we petty vertibrates.

Featured on the BBC's "The Future Is Wild"
"The squibbons swung from branch to branch, their boneless tentacles allowing complete flexibility in mobility"
by Matthew February 11, 2004
good, sweet, alright, comfortabe
im cushtie wit at
meaning i am compfortable with that

or if someone says how are you u say cushtie
by matthew February 11, 2004
god,the greatest thing ever to happen to heavy metal
look at that god band over there, and their drummer rules like crazy
by matthew April 05, 2003
Someone with enough time and money on their hands to sit at a school in the middle of nowhere, and do absolutely nothing, and go absolutely nowhere, and eat absolute crap for up to 8 years of their meaningless life
Hey, why does that guy have absolutely no personality at all? Oh, thats Matthew, he went to Campbell University.
by Matthew April 03, 2005
Heart of ice, of a snowy nature
A type of tundra
1)That Niveous fellow aint human....merciless and relentless.
2)The worst snow storm we've ever had was a light niveous of powder.
by Matthew July 09, 2004
a russion born walrus that can clone into humans and eat popcorn
my does that lenhoff love popcorn or what.
by matthew January 30, 2004
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