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1. A device, component, tool, or system with no defined or understood function.

2. An imaginary component contrived by unscrupulous tradesmen in order to justify exorbitant or unnecessary fees.
My mechanic just charged me $375.00 to replace my car's disgronifier.
by mattb4rd August 12, 2009
1. The belief or perception by an individual or group that they have legitimate entitlement or pre-ownership over some thing, circumstance, event or issue that may affect them or others.

2. The notion of rights to things as a direct benefit of birth.
Some believe that white guilt and entitlementarianism colluded to affect the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.
by mattb4rd September 09, 2009
of or resembling the character traits of an asshole; jerk or jerk-like:
The high assholinity of his personality enabled him to fire me two days before Christmas without so much as an explanation for doing so.
by Mattb4rd July 24, 2009
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