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When two or more people schedule a day of lady-like leisure, including brunch, manis/pedis, cocktails, window shopping, sun soaking, etc.
"Like my nails? John and I both got them done on our ladydate."
by Matt8008 March 25, 2010
The act of being a lazy, boring, intoxicated lay. Pertaining more specifically to when your arms and legs go limp just before you pass out.
I was getting ready to cum until my date began starfishing!
by Matt8008 March 23, 2010
A state of extreme excitement brought on by the sight, taste, sound or thought of something uber-gay.
JOSH: Girl, did you taste that Quiche George at brunch?

TOM: Hell yes! I totally got a ladywood!
by Matt8008 March 25, 2010

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