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nude vid chat
Kelly: Hey honey do you wanna nvc before I go to work

Brian: I'm always down!
by Matt242 June 24, 2010
The ghetto way of saying something
Tyron: Yo foo you wanna go do sum10

Al: O fa sho
by Matt242 June 20, 2010
The best name for a cute black dog
Kaylee: OMG that dog is so cute!! What is his name?

Mattison: His name is Blackie.
by Matt242 July 05, 2010
Tattoos on any girl.
Barry: Dang that chicks hot!

Bernard: No way dude, look at all her slut art.

Barry: Good point she's trash.
by Matt242 December 24, 2010
Downtown Fullerton
Ron: What you got goin tonight?

Paul: I'm going to DTF. You wanna roll with?
by Matt242 May 28, 2010

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