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a homosexual paki, as used by shabaz on big brother 6
look at tht pakipuff, wht a twat
by Matt Dawson May 22, 2006
Simply a mixture of a Minger and a Mong, basically a disgustingly FUGLY person that should only be allowed out in daylight if they live on a council estate.
Eeuuugh!!! Look at that mingmong over the road
by Matt Dawson October 01, 2006
a not so offensive way of sayin cunt.
let me lick your curly c.
by Matt Dawson May 08, 2006
Sway, meaning attractive, and dizzle, meaning female... Attractive Female
"Yo did you see that SWAY DIZZLE?"
by Matt Dawson December 08, 2003
Sex with members of staff lower than yourself, while at work
Im on a break now if u wana join me, we'll go sumwhere quiet and get down to sum serious mooseing
by Matt Dawson July 18, 2006

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