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2 definitions by Matcamcol

1. Any particularly bad poker player
2. One who makes outrageous claims often
3. Someone who cannot hold their liquor
4. Donk
That donk is such a polycratis.

3 beers and he's already drunk...what a polycratis!

Thats such a dumb thing to say......only a polycratis would say that kinda shit!

I love King and Eight.....only a polycratis would play that shit!

That polycratis is so gullible.....what a dumb fuck!
by Matcamcol December 29, 2009
Getting excessively drunk, so much so that you must be carried home in a wheel-barrow.
How's your hangover? You were barrowed last night!
by Matcamcol January 09, 2011