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Unhumanly sized knockers that are beyond such general terms as boobs, hooters or funbags.
Did you see that cougar with the Jugganauts? She must have to do reverse leaning exercises at home.
by MasterJRC January 29, 2008
When you are dropping a brown bomb and someone turns the lights out on you.
I just sqeezed out a jungle dump because Douchy McDoucherson turned the bulbs out on me.
by MasterJRC January 22, 2008
That sore on your friends face that they never discuss and never goes away.
Did you see Burt Reynolds perma-herp acting up today? I think it's bout to eat his face.
by MasterJRC October 17, 2008
Making a withdrawl from the booty and then making a deposit in the vagina.
Her anus was too loose so I stank banked it back to the love box.
by MasterJRC January 18, 2008
When someone uses their crap to jerk you off.
When a person, preferably a girl, takes a steamer and uses it to make discarded baby paste - Hot JOB.
by MasterJRC January 17, 2008

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