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A large, magical, green dinosaur with flippers that lays on a rock and makes nonsensical sounds. It is featured in Charlie the Unicorn (An internet video).
Charlie says "Oh god, what is that?" The unicorns say "It's a leopluridon charlie."
by masterbater October 14, 2007
driving around town, in a large circle, in the hope of finding something fun to do before you get back to where you started.
"Hannah and I did the miracle lap and didn't find anything to do"
by MasterBater January 30, 2013
The act of committing an illegal homosexual act.
The homosexual gang bangers raped the people and infected them w/ HIV. There excuse was that the more people they infected, the greater their chances of having unprotected sex. They were arrested for committing faggotry.
by masterbater October 14, 2007

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