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A very funny typo of journey. Used by Lauren and Travis.
Lauren: takes you on a jorny.
Travis: Whee!
by Master Travisio March 27, 2005
What you say when you can't say shit.
Travis: <drops books>
Travis: Oh, shoes!
by Master Travisio March 31, 2005
An umbrella to sheild one from cum.
Husband: "Oh, god! Jizzgasm!"
Wife: "Sweet Jesus! Where the hell is my cumbrella?"
by Master Travisio May 27, 2005
A song by Jo Jo that Lauren and Travis strangely like.
Travis: Get out.
Travis: Right now.
Travis: This is the end of you and me!
Lauren: Oh yeah?
Lauren: Bring.
Lauren: It.
Lauren: On.
by Master Travisio March 27, 2005

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