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7 definitions by Master Dan McCabe

A contreversial black doll popularised by Robertson jam, the doll was later found to be politically incorrect and manufacturing of these cute little characters was illegal. Nowadays, the word gollywog is misused to call someone of black skin (also see wog).
because the doll is black it MUST be racist, infact anything including cars and trainers that are black in colour should be illegal because they are racist.
by Master Dan McCabe January 11, 2004
157 65
An afro hairstyle of a white person. May have originated form the character 'Biff' in back to the future who had a small version of a bifro.
"yo daddio, i'm gonna grow me the mutha of all bifro's."
by Master Dan McCabe January 02, 2004
69 50
a turkey neck is simply when an elderly person (usualy female) has loose flab around her neck which tends to wobble when she/he moves. Often women of a certain age wear alot of turtle neck jumpers to cover their sagging necks.
"I get turned on by turkey necks, they're just so fun to slap about when we're making love."

by Master Dan McCabe January 03, 2004
71 63
A word meaning a penis which is inverted forming a vagina.
Inverted smudgina- A smudgina that has been inverted forming an inside-out penis.(Popularised by one Ross Fowler of Eltham)
Bob: The reason we can't make love is because i have a smudgina.

Linda: Great! I'm bisexual.
by Master Dan McCabe January 02, 2004
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this word is like nigger. it is a derogitive word for a black person, popularised by the 70's british tv show love thy neighbour.
can also mean a black doll similar to a gollywog.
"Listen Jamal, I like you but what's the missus gonna say when she finds out we've got sambo's living next door?"
by Master Dan McCabe January 02, 2004
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a popular loli-pop brand. this name is derived from the so called chubby chops (cheeks) that you get when you suck on one of the lollies.
Lets go get some chupa chups and pretend they're ciggies.
by Master Dan McCabe January 03, 2004
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This game was created by students at S.t Thomas More school. The game consists of kneeing people in their thighs untill they surrender.
"Lets go shingle that fat loser."
by Master Dan McCabe January 02, 2004
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