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Some grocery stores such as Kroger and Meijer offer super-double coupon redemption from time to time. This is when a manufacturer's coupon may be redeemed for two times the face value but generally not more than a two dollar total.
"I had five dollar off coupons and it was super-double coupons day at Kroger so I was able to get five tubes of toothpaste for free."
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by Marthakay December 12, 2005
(droplifted) In addition to leaving merchandise in a store, droplifing may also involve coupons that the dropee does not need or want, discreetly left near the item affected by the coupon. It is extremely bad form to leave expired coupons but it's OK to leave coupons that expire the date they are droplifted. This form of droplifting is generally a female activity but not exclusively so.
A very polite and appreciated practice common in the Upper South i.e. southern Ohio and Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky. It's more commonly done at stores that offer double coupon redemption such as Kroger and Meijer than stores that don't such as Walmart.
When a store has a super-double coupons redemption day or week, it is even more practiced.
"I got my deodorant for free at Kroger because it was on sale, they had super-double coupons, plus someone droplifted the right dollar-off coupon on the display!"
"I had more toothpaste coupons than I could use, so I droplifted them before they expired."
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by Marthakay December 12, 2005
A person who gets a thrill out of setting people up against each other, especially in online bulletin boards and often regarding people and issues in their locality. The Political Pyromaniac may take a posting or email message and forward or copy it to another person, knowing that it will cause a virulent reaction. The PP essentially likes to set fires and stand back and watch the ensuing fireworks or explosion. They are also the peeping Toms of the Internet and closet drama kings and queens.
Charles, a known Political Pyromaniac, received a group email post. Tina said a website owned by a man named Jim was "an amusing little supposedly non-political site." Charles forwarded the message to Jim. Jim then sent an anti-Tina email to everyone on the group and copied it to her bosses, trying to get her fired. He pointed out that Tina's husband was "a city police officer," which was not relevant to anyone receiving the message. The recipients didn't really know Jim or why he was so upset or what he was getting at. They responded in Tina's defense. Charles sat back and watched the action and then quietly unsubscribed from the email group.
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by Marthakay May 02, 2008
Foodways are a study or example of a culture of a people through their dietary habits. A foodway is not only the things people do and do not eat, but why they eat them or not, not to mention the traditions and history that help define that culture.
The foodways of the Cajun people involve eating seafood in season and not drinking milk with seafood. For Hungarians, the use of pork, cabbage and paprika are common symbols of their ethnic foodways. Orthodox Jews' foodways vary from that of their less restrictive brethren, but traditionally, Jewish foodways are related to the religion's dietary laws or kashrut kosher. A foodway may not be something that a person is aware of practicing, it can be so ingrained in their habits that it is simply a way of life.
#culture #tradition #religion #dietary laws #habits #restrictions
by Marthakay November 02, 2006
(noun) A vulgarnym is a word some coarse and common people use instead of the "nice" word. Nice southern ladies do not use vulgarnyms.

Vulgarism/nice word
pee/tee tee
fuck/make whoopie
"I knew she was not a person of quality at the DAR luncheon when she said she had to pee instead of saying tee tee," said Amanda Sue Dautrive, who knew a vulgarnym when she heard one.
#crudity #bad word #vulgar #trashy #tacky
by Marthakay September 03, 2007
A sound that one makes in response to a particularly bitchy or catty comment by another. Similar to "Meow," as in, "Meow to you, too!" It's a comment that Scarlett O'Hara. Suzanne Sugarbaker or a Betty Cavanna character would make. Or a comment that someone would make to the aforementioned. It's a feminine "touche" - Wrawl!
Suzanne: Who's heading up the debutantes' reunion this year?

Julia: Caroline is doing it again.

Suzanne: I don't understand why Caroline is always organizing these things. She wasn't even popular and the only reason she was a Deb was because of her Great-Aunt Ruby.

Julia: Wrawl!

#meow #miau #bitch #take that, bitch! #catty #feline #female. antonym: lou rawls.
by Marthakay March 26, 2007
aka "SI." A person who strives to provide proof of the existence of emerging societal conditions in the context of how these conditions function wihtin various strata of society. A social illuminatrix will dig into the sand or through web pages relating to current and upcoming trends. This person fosters understanding between persons of varying background, interests, ages and belief in a non-judgmental format.
Social illuminatrix Ralph Rossberg spoke to our parents of teens church group tonight as social illuminatrix on the subject of "emo." Most of the parents had never heard the term and those that had were only partially understanding of the broad implications of "emo" in regards to music, dress, personality and social identity.
#guru #illuminator #broad-minded #helping #defining #communication between generation and social gaps
by Marthakay February 05, 2006
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