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29 definitions by Marthakay

Cou rouge is "redneck" in French. It refers to Cajuns, Louisiana descendants of French peasants. It is a euphemism in the same spirit of calling the mildly upscale discount retailer "Tar-ghay" instead of "Target." It is also the dignified opposite of the controversial coonass or coon-ass.
T-Ben told me it was too cou rouge to put a a statue of Our Lady of the Butane Tank over to the Bayou side of the house, but cher, the Good Lady will be pleased.
by Marthakay April 25, 2008
Inspired by the classic Disney animated feature, Cinderella, Bitchity boppity boo is a typically feminine response to catty behavior or outrageous behavior. It's upbeat with an edge, and counters the snarl behind the statement with a little more of that "Little Miss Merry Sunshine is about ready to hack you with a machete" feel than perhaps wrawl! or meow.
Clarissa: Oh, that outfit really is you! Did you get it at Dollar General? No, wait - it looks like a real original. I bet you got it at Goodwill!

Desdemona: Oh, how did you guess? Bitchity boppity boo!
by Marthakay May 09, 2007
(Noun) A quantity or amount of goods, irregardless of weight, that may be contained in a plastic grocery sack. Heard in the Upper South in Dayton, Ohio when a person is recycling the grocery bag to use for another purpose. These bags may or not come from an actual Kroger store.

This term may be used in other areas such as Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green Kentucky where the Kroger supermarket chain prevails.
"I'm offering a Kroger of kitchen gadgets and knick-knacks to the first person who emails me back with their phone number on Freecycle."

This is similar to two actual Freecycle offers posted in late March, 2007 on Freecycle Dayton.
by Marthakay March 26, 2007
(noun) The tee-hiny is the nether region of the body, particularly for women and girls. I have never heard this term in reference to males, but that's not to say it doesn't exist. It isn't just the vagina, it's the "bottom" plus any other places "down there." This term is used almost exclusively in the south by the very genteel but anatomically disinterested.

Its origins are unknown, but it's common in South Louisiana, where "Tee" is a French/Cajun term meaning "little." So it could be translated as "little hiny/hinie/hiney."

The main product of the tee-hiny is tee-tee. No nice lady in the south would ever say "pee." It is considered extremely vulgar, probably worse than the "F" word.

Again, it's not just the vagina because everybody knows you don't tee-tee from your vagina. You tee-tee from your tee-hiny.
When I went to the bathroom, my mother was sure to say, "Wipe your little tee-hiny," which is redundant as "tee" means small.
by Marthakay September 03, 2007
Noun - Marthakay is the psuedonym for an Upper South journalist, photographer and researcher. Born Feb. 11, 1958. A pundit on popular culture relating to the baby boomer generation and a social illuminatrix helping those of that age to decipher the way that current popular culture affects them and their offspring, co-workers and people unlike themselves.
Marthakay wrote an essay for our "Class of 1976" email list about how baby boomers either go overboard trying to relate to young people or they ignore and disqualify anything that they don't understand.
by Marthakay February 05, 2006
Geographic location located in southern Ohio and Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia that is culturally and sociologically the Upper South as opposed to the midwest, the east or the north. This would include Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio, Indianapolis, Louisville and Lexington Kentucky and Huntington, West Virginia. This is the bottom buckle of the snow belt and the top buckle of the Bible belt, where people may eat Cincinnati Chili, stewed tomatoes, goetta (a pork sausage that includes pin-cut oats,) Ale-8-1 pop (a beverage made in Winchester, KY) Esther Price chocolate candies, Mike-Sells and Grippo potato chips. They eat at places like Frisch's Big Boy and Skyline Chili and there are actually still drive-in theaters in this region. Regional pizza favorites are LaRosa's, Cassanos and Marions in southwest Ohio. Soft drinks are referred to as pop as opposed to soda or Coke. The main grocery establishement is Kroger.
"I was passing through the Upper South on my way to Cleveland, so hit three Kroger stores, where bought some Ale-8-one in Lexington and some Grippos in Cincinnati. Then I stopped in Dayton for some Esther Price and Cassanos and picked up a copy of "Southern Living" magazine before I headed to the frozen north.
by Marthakay December 12, 2005
An unfortunate experience following the usage of Alli, the Orlistat weight loss capsules that cause a . . . slickening of the contents of the bowels. An Alli-oop is what happens when a user of Alli doesn't answer the call of nature immediately.
That three-hour lecture would have killed me alone, but when I got that urge to "go," it gave me the excuse to head to the restroom for a very necessary visit. I almost suffered an Alli-oop anyway!
by Marthakay September 27, 2007