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An irritating idiot with no redeeming features
Jack ? He's a complete nob-head
What kind of nob-head would do a stupid thing like that ?
What you lookin' at nob-head ?
Have you always been such a nob-head ?
by Marshallasthefish November 14, 2007
A ridiculous hairstyle
Derived from Donald Trump the U.S. tycoon
"Hey, check the Donald on that guy over there"
"That guy's Donald looks as though he had his hair styled in a Boeing wind tunnel"
"You gotta buzzard on your head or is your Donald MEANT to look like that?"
by Marshallasthefish November 14, 2007
An attempt to make a standard lacklustre product or brand special by offering a so called deluxe edition.
As sales of music on physical CD format lose out to digital downloading, sellers engage in deluxification by offering "Special" or "Deluxe" editions in distinctive packaging,limited editions or offers with a CD and T-shirt,or dirtblaster
by marshallasthefish April 10, 2010
Describes the process of attempting to improve the appearance of a room or a house by painting,wallpapering,changing the floorcovering or modifying ornamentation
The realtor (estate agent) explained that given the neglected state of the property,some basic decorationalisation would probably increase the value considerably
by marshallasthefish April 11, 2010
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