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Prestigious 5 star rated University with its main Campus in the otherwise unassuming Lancashire(U.K.) town of Ramsbottom
Established in 1968 the University now has a 500 hectare Campus with 65,000 students. It was the first University to be established on the Timothy Leary principle of "Turn on,tune in and drop out"
Most noted for its Business School which can boast 3 former Economics Nobel prizewinners among its 500 strong faculty.
The University also has significant strengths in Archaeology,Nuclear Physics,Philosophy and Agriculture.
University Vice Chancellor, Randolph C. Hopkins has further plans to expand the University to 125,000 students within the next decade.
Applications to Caroline Basingstoke, Applications, University of Ramsbottom,Lancashire,U.K.
Applications to the University of Ramsbottom rose by 23% in 2008, with on average 126 students applying for each place available.
University of Ramsbottom,second only to Oxbridge,in Quality Standards.... says latest Government Report.
by Marshallasthefish May 16, 2008
A state of mild and transient confusion with no serious consequences.
Aha there are the keys !! Mixedupedness strikes again
by Marshallasthefish October 10, 2007
A seemingly endless interchange of emails without any useful outcome.
"I'm getting hacked off with this email tennis ...where's it getting us ?"
"Let's end the email tennis. What do you REALLY want?"
by Marshallasthefish November 14, 2007
Describes the low level D list celebrities and wannabes who frequent reality T.V. shows and the like
A punning coinage based on literati and glitterati
Rarely intended as a compliment
Nadine was hardly an A list celebrity ..more shiterati than glitterati
Rufus has high hopes that some day he will be famous, but to date he has not moved from the ranks of the shiterati
by Marshallasthefish December 06, 2007
No Option Ruled In No Option Ruled Out
ie All options remain available
The U.S. administration's position is totally clear...
it's norinoro.
Our position on Iran remains the same ...norinoro..very simple and very straightforward.
No firm decision has yet been made ..so it's norinoro
by Marshallasthefish November 14, 2007
A particularly agile, athletic and elusive thief.
Named after so called "Spring-heel Jack" a notorious pickpocket and burglar, active in Manchester(England) in the 1950's
Jack(Spring-heel)McMaster was finally caught in 1959 after committing an estimated 900+ offences. Though he never used violence,being too fast to be caught,he was sentenced to 8 years in gaol. He escaped from Strangeways gaol after 3 days and was never apprehended again.
It's generally safe in Barcelona, but you've got to watch out for spring-heels.
Be careful ...watch out for spring-heels !!
He's OK, but he's a bit of a spring-heel Jack (said as a term of endearment)
by Marshallasthefish November 14, 2007
Totally intoxicated and anxious to pick a fight with anyone
From the lager brand Stella Artois
"Get him in the police van ...he's Stellard"
"What's his problem? ...is he Stellard?"
"He thinks he's Artois ...but he's Stellard"
"Drunk and disorderly? ...No he's completely Stellard"
by Marshallasthefish November 14, 2007
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