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A shitty place where teenage sub-culture drives you insane and teachers give you lots of work to do.
"Charlyne is such a prep. Oh my gosh, I can't stand those preppy little fuckers."
"I wish I was fucking popular...if only I could be like the cool kids."
"Those damn goth kids are so fuckin scary"
"I'm such a punk...Abercrombie and Fitch is so fucked."
"Let's go get wasted man! Fuck yeah!!!!!"
by Marlo March 23, 2003
A paki(muslim) who thinks he's black a gangster and from the hood
That muslim is such a big pigger
by Marlo June 06, 2005
Trance Music Appreciation Society
Oi man, you are in TMAS right?
by MaRLo January 13, 2015
1. Any manner of arbitrary shoving, most often related to loud music but not dependent upon it, that is most effective in areas of high congestion, in which one shove causes a chain reaction of pushing this way and that, inevitably resulting in one or more persons falling over and/or being trampled upon.

2. many times referred to in the context of "the pit", which consists of anything from people running around in a circle much like chickens who have been tragically beheaded to a rampant form of dancing.
1. Whenever it gets excessively crowded, I like to mosh just to piss everyone off.

2. Man, the pits are great tonight.
by Marlo April 01, 2003
a bulb with a strong onionlike flavor,commonly overused in any type of pseudo-italian dish.
I think it needs some more garlic. I still think it needs some more garlic.
by Marlo March 23, 2003

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