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Getting ready to do something.
I'm fixin to make breakfast.
by Marlaette May 26, 2008
The lowest form of life.
He was someone even the skankiest woman would not even so much as speak to; a scum-sucking bottom feeder who was not permitted in decent society.
by Marlaette May 26, 2008
An organization that specializes in providing damaging information on citizens to employers, banks, credit card companies and prospective spouses. The information doesn't have to be true, or even the same person as listed with them.
He couldn't get a wife or buy a house because the credit bureau had told the banks he had bad credit and ruined his reputation.
by Marlaette May 21, 2008
A koronta is a piece of metal that looks like gold but is not; in other words, fool's gold. It looks like gold but is false and can fool someone who is drunk or not experienced with knowing how true gold appears.
The young man was wearing a large cross around his neck made of koronta, but you could see from the poor workmanship and the green ring around his neck that it was obviously factitious.
by Marlaette May 21, 2008
To conversate with a bro.
If'n I can't get a holt of my bro to get money fer my lite bill we will all sittin in tha dark in tha trailer.
by Marlaette May 26, 2008
A {woodruff} is a large piece of disgusting slime that can appear in the right light as passable. However, under stress a woodruff reveals its true nature and can appear as a snake or a douchebag or even a bully. A woodruff is a blowhard.
I wouldn't touch a woodruff with a ten-foot pole.
by Marlaette May 21, 2008

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