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13 definitions by Marky Mark

this phrase contains two words:
1. Wicked- Very
2. Retarded- Stupid
Therefore it means very stupid
O MAN SULLY you're wicked retahded
by MARKY MARK March 19, 2005
31 18
You have anal sex with a female (or male if that's your preference) then she (or he) farts the cum back out into your mouth. Upon doing so you drink it all.
Dude last night I gave Steve's mom a feltcher
by Marky Mark January 13, 2003
86 74
wicked kick ass hippy band
Man 1: o.a.r was fucking sick in concert last night
Man 2: wheres all my weed?
by MARKY MARK March 19, 2005
38 29
60 bucks worth of weed
dude i scored a 60 sack
by Marky Mark September 21, 2003
19 13
Married mature man who's wife is sufficiently open minded and properly trained so that she presents other woman to her husband.
This Hedo Dave have a very busy week-end coming his way.
by Marky Mark October 07, 2003
7 3
1) an adjective used in a variety of positive contexts
2) a response to a good report or prediction
1) her rack is nice
i fucked ur mum nice n hard
that is a nice stang
2) "were going to jonny's party" "nice"
"my teacher raped me" "nice"
"dude a shark bit my leg off!" "nice"
by Marky Mark November 15, 2003
13 14
to be a beautiful man who happens to be a complete crazy mother fucker
Dude that hobo is totally scarpaci-ish
by MARKY MARK March 19, 2005
3 5