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A comment made without thinking.
Example of an Offhanded Comment
"Honey what do you think about my new vest?
(Offhanded Comment)Wow that looks like a rug my mom used to have!"
by MarkDB1973 July 04, 2008
Something done without thinking.
Doing or saying the first thing
that pops into your mind.
"Honey I didn't need that Offhanded reply to my serious question!
Should I get an Xbox360 or the PS3?"
by MarkDB1973 July 04, 2008
The fake plating they put on brass and sell on Auction sites as real.It could be Silver or Gold plating on brass or some other non precious metal.
John "I got this on KneeBay for 3$ and it's an awesome necklace!"
Smith "I'm glad you're happy with your Fake Plate necklace!"
by MarkDB1973 July 20, 2010
A Phrase used by Truck Drivers.
It means not to speed and give the Bear money for another Donut.
East Bound Don't Feed The Bears you got'em Wall to Wall from the 186 mile marker to the 54 mile marker.Don't give them a reason to take food off your childrens plate.
by MarkDB1973 February 06, 2009

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