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One that has too many kinds of skank going on. They are usually dizzying to look at.
That outfit Betty had on was skankadelic, I bet she got it out of a dumpster.
by Mark K June 30, 2005
To go out and act whore-ish. Chasing men or women with the sole intent of getting laid.
Juanita and Lela are going out to scalavant.
by Mark K June 30, 2005
term used by party boys (aka circuit queens) to describe an extremely fun night of partying or the drug itself.
That party was crackalicious.
by Mark K June 29, 2005
A day where a wealthy group of decision-makers decided to execute the biggest hoax in modern history as a pretext for military justification in Iraq. A move that cost the United States billions of dollars, in turn to spend even billions of more dollars for war, with an ultimate goal to make trillions of dollars after gaining control of Iraqi oil. The American media is a catalyst for this self-inflicting behavior taken on by the government because it refuses to address the real issues. (All networks, that is). Even the so-called "liberal media" such as comedy central does a flabbergastingly horrible job at explaining the truth.
383 firefighters were killed, and who investigated? the NY Police department? the FBI? no.... actually it was FEMA, who answers directly to President Bush.
Have steel structures ever collapsed as a result of fire? Three times in world history according to our government. World Trade Centers 1, 2, and 7 all collapsed because of fires, officially. When in actuality, building 7 collapsed in under 7 seconds, almost at free-fall speed. a controlled demolition.
That steel should have been studied for years since september 11th for our better understanding of why the collapse happened and how to prevent similar situations in the future. but sadly Mayor Giuliani had all the steel shipped overseas at a discounted rate. blatant destruction of evidence.
After the day of the attacks, building 7 was never addressed by any mainstream media. And never mentioned once in the completely bogus 500+ page congressional report of 9/11.

a sad day for our nation to self-inflict a wound.
"Holy shit! the media is controlled by the government! September 11 was a way for America to indulge in its favorite pastime, war, and to re-engineer America into a police state, to capture Americans as political slaves!"
"well no shit!"
by mark k October 24, 2006
Slang for an old dyke
Look at that licksalottapuss, I wonder if she knows it's time for clamato at the nursing home?
by Mark K June 30, 2005
blow. that white girl.
i can't fuck with that yay cause i'm broke so get me some headies.
by mark k June 18, 2006
outdoor grown buds (marijuana) sprayed with harmful chemicals (usually formaldehyde) for increased effect. gives the smoker a cold constricted feeling in the roof of the mouth.
people in low income areas, as well as people that aren't cultured about weed, think its THE SHIT. In actuality its complete bullshit, and a perfect reason why marijuana should be legalized and regulated: to prevent such a slimy product from entering the hands of the public.
"YO nobody was answerin their phone so i went to 17th and got a dub of haze."
"Sweet! Now we can get sprayed out of our minds off this half gram jar for 20 minutes before we're back for more!"
by mark k October 24, 2006

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