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A pixeltan is the soft blue tinge your skin gets when you spend 23 hours a day in front of a computer.
When i saw Geogre this morning he seemed to have a pixeltan and still was holding a mousemat in his hand.
by marius November 20, 2004
An ultimate typo when you're trying to insult someone.
That was such a STFYD:U
by Marius March 29, 2004
A really funky way to spell dude, it's pronounced the same way it just looks funky. Invented by a bored store owner in Norway
Dewed that's kewl
by Marius April 24, 2005
The english translation from the German for Nightmare by Volker Arnold, generally experienced, along with an earache after sex with a hairy young yodeller in green leather hotpants.
After exhausting himself underneath Heidi ( or Spaghetti), Volker had a scary alpdream
by Marius November 12, 2003
commonly heard as the end of the band name corrosion cpe , the cpe stands for
(C)hesa(p)eak(e) the bands home town in virginia
Yo corrosion cpe fucking rocks dude
by Marius May 12, 2004
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