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Noun: Describes what is essentially a useless human being whose very presence demeans the beauty in our world.

Alternatives: "Scumbag", "Lowlife".
1. Criminals
2. Smokers who think they have "rights"
3. Needlessly violent people
4. Bad parents
5. Attorneys
People who selfishly divide others for their own purposes with doublespeak and promises of serving the needs of specific "Communities" rather than serving the greater good of all.
by Mario November 15, 2004
2/5 of a second-the amount of time it takes for one second on Super Mario Bros. to deplete.
Have you ever run the 100 meter in under 30 mario seconds?
by Mario November 08, 2004
milo may
kitty cat
oooo may
like a little milo may
its a kitty cat
where da peeda may at
by mario April 21, 2003
A person that seemingly requires approximatley 60 minutes to complete simple tasks.
"Hes been in the bathroom for an hour, that guy takes an hour for everything"
by Mario September 15, 2004
An employer or "Boss" who seeminlgy "wiggles" through obstructions and difficult situations in the his place of business in order to bennefit his constant obsession for financial gain.
"we totally screwed that customer over, good thing our boss is The Wiggler, he'll get out us out of this jamb"
by Mario September 15, 2004
dirty little teacher no elbow likes cock!
your a stapo
by mario November 18, 2003
crazzzy mofo...part time hobo and full time shizzler
marioso, making an eye at dearson, winks rather seductively...
by Mario November 02, 2004

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