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26 definitions by mario

watch out, look out
by Mario August 28, 2003
A derogatory slur against a Sicilian.
These God damn ginzos are so dark you would think they work in a coal mine.
by Mario April 21, 2005
Four to the floor is a common beat pattern usually found in House music. Its a drum beat accompanied by a heavy base line, and maybe a looped sample of jazz, funk, or disco usually..The basic backbone of most dance music.
Go listen to a house record at you local DJ shop...
by Mario August 03, 2004
1. A quest undertaken by a moron.
Joe Schmortz is on an idiodyssey.
by Mario January 30, 2005
A individual who lasso's, or tethers a cock with his or her hands
"you Fucking Cock Wrangling bitch, i knew you were gay"
by Mario November 02, 2004
later, as in: See you later
All right Moreno call me later, arrato.
by Mario August 28, 2003
A mofo that has a mustach as big as his head.
hairy naaaaaaaz also simon
by mario November 10, 2003