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When you are giving birth and you are pushing so hard you "shit yourself."
Sorry guys, you can't watch my birth video cause I shit myself.
by Marie February 20, 2004
person who keeps getting call after call
damn you're blowing up your cell phone
by Marie June 29, 2003
the crutch part of your knickers
eee my boyfriend daz has just sniffed the codd peice of my knickers
by marie August 27, 2003
someone who acts like a right twat
you stupid muppet
by marie August 29, 2003
kind of like prioritizing your preferences; usually done when under the influence of alcohol
Sofia says: "Marie, who do you want to bang tonight?"
Marie replies: "I don't know! I just can't preferitize."
by Marie February 23, 2005
Lunus is MONEY! Yay, money.
*squee!* I just won a million lunus!
by Marie February 23, 2005
a gretshin is an ugly stupid person thats just a big bafoon
ooh you ugly gretshin stop bugging me an go put a bag over your head before someone else see's ya
by marie August 04, 2003

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