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The frozen neck of a thanksgiving turkey. Used as a fake penis to scare stupid girls at parties.
I walked in with my turkey neck and all the girls ran off screaming.
by marco December 12, 2003
1. boredom
2. badluck
3. annoying
1. you're sitting at home with nothing to do. "fuck i've got fig"

2. you're driving home and you get every red light. "fuck i've got fig."

3. a friend won't leave you alone. " "alastair, you're giving me fig."
by marco November 15, 2003
To ask for a service,favor but be generous.
Hook it up with a phat sak.
Hey, you wanna hook it up?
by Marco October 24, 2003
Someone who enjoys shit as much as Stefan
Stefan is eating his own shit!
by Marco August 24, 2003
When you want to make fun of someone, so you say shafted twat waffle because it's one of those words.
Uh, that crackhead
by Marco January 06, 2004
Halo an Xbox game
h4l0 an Xbox game
by Marco June 08, 2004
adj. See George W. Bush.
I heard George W. Bush can't pronounce his own nickname: "supercilious." And spell it? Hah!
by marco April 08, 2005

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