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An obsolete form of government. Inheriting a title is nothing special and doesn't make you higher, better or more special than anyone else.

Yet some people still think that one particular family inheriting titles is somehow special. It isn't u freaks!

All heads of state and members of any house of parliament must be elected!
A monarchy is a stupid tradition, only fools fall for the scam.
by Marcel April 19, 2004
An obsolete form of government, yet in the 21st century there are still people who somehow delude themselves that anyone with an inherited title is somehow special.
heredetary titles are useless and obsolete, people should be elected to government, not born into the position. Socalled "royalty" isn't anything special u duds.
by Marcel April 19, 2004
Sex exercises that help a guy control his orgasms better
He practiced his kegels so he could go longer without cumming
by marcel August 30, 2004
Part of the Dutch name for an old African tribe called Hottentotten. Hotten has no real meaning and can be used to express nonsense or to call someone for no actual reason.
Hey Hotten!
You hotten my flop!
You're talking hotten...
by marcel April 07, 2004
1) To Talk In Sudden OutBursts
2) To Test Irritation Standard On Buddies
"He's just talking in TTiSoB."
"I'm doing the TTiSoB on you."
by Marcel January 15, 2004

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