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Noun. The cheeks of a persons butt which curve in instead of curving out.
That girl had one normalyy ass cheek, but on the other side wasw a basin bun.
by Marc April 03, 2005
noun. In the flash animated series of Homestar Runner cartoons, a non-existant wonder that Strong Bad uses by looking into a paper bag. Homestar Runner has hopes that he will someday be allowed to see the Thing In A Bag, and does errands for Strong Bad to curry his favor.
HS: What are you doing?

SB: Hanging out at The Stick, looking at a thing in a bag.

HS: Can I see?

SB: No. It's for me. And The Cheat. And Strong Mad.
by Marc February 24, 2004
evil rat things from quiznos add
by marc February 15, 2004
The feeling that one has when they see something so attractive that it takes courage to look directly upon or in to, knowing that once you do, you won't escape... yet you won't have a problem with that.
by Marc December 28, 2003
derogetory term for the Walt Disney World Resort
Walt Disney built a dream on a swamp
by Marc December 18, 2003
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