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Going above and beyond normal ghetto to the point normal ghetto people think you are ghetto.
Nick- "Dang Alex! That hoe is ghetto juicy to the max!"

Alex "Dude, that Ghetto Juicy chick is Erika!!
by Mangofatdoody September 12, 2010
To sneak away from a group (usually at night), to commence a crazy make-out session. 'Stargazing' usually occurs with another individual, though solo macking sessions have been known to occur. These individual stargazing excursions are generally discouraged and seen as anti-social.
Mary: "Chrissy where did you go last night, we were waiting for you."
Chrissy: "Oh, I was stargazing"
Mary: "...with B-Shay?"
Chrissy: "No, by myself"
Mary: "...Oh..."
by Mangofatdoody November 02, 2010
One whose ego (or attitude) is so large that their head, literally, looks fatter.

To be used as a Term of Endearment. Can also be used in exasperation.
Mary: "Who is the OG Fatty Fat Head?'
Sarah: "Umm... I'm pretty sure that's Randee Jo"
Mary: "Ooohh..."

Christina: "Stop being a Fat Head and come pick me up!"
Caitlin: " What the hell does that even mean?!? Is that even a phrase?"
Christina: "Look it up on Urban Dictionary, it's there"
by Mangofatdoody September 26, 2010

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