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25 definitions by Mandi

a stupid homo' w/ a little penis, who suxs at fucking in the ass*
is too short
by Mandi May 03, 2004
when ur asking for something
"give me some"
by Mandi April 26, 2004
To impede or block access to.
Dude, quit storking the remote!
by Mandi January 18, 2004
People who have snow on their boards or skiis while they are on a lift and "Accidently" drop it on a snowboarder down below!
boarder that got hit with snow: "You f*ckin douche bag! "
by Mandi January 27, 2004
The way to talk in The hood
Yo That is dope Tho' fo rizzle!
by mandi February 02, 2004
Another way to pronounce the word goth. Used to make the word seem more new. Quirky, unusual people do it.
I am not a goth as you say. I...I am a goff. Mwhahahaha!
by mandi November 28, 2003
An excuse once a year in sweet home Winfield, Kansas when everyone gets really really drunk, wet, cold, and sick and has a great time sleeping on the ground
I can't; I am going to Bluegrass!
by Mandi September 23, 2003