25 definitions by Mandi

a stupid homo' w/ a little penis, who suxs at fucking in the ass*
is too short
by Mandi May 03, 2004
People who have snow on their boards or skiis while they are on a lift and "Accidently" drop it on a snowboarder down below!
boarder that got hit with snow: "You f*ckin douche bag! "
by Mandi January 27, 2004
Another way to pronounce the word goth. Used to make the word seem more new. Quirky, unusual people do it.
I am not a goth as you say. I...I am a goff. Mwhahahaha!
by mandi November 28, 2003
An excuse once a year in sweet home Winfield, Kansas when everyone gets really really drunk, wet, cold, and sick and has a great time sleeping on the ground
I can't; I am going to Bluegrass!
by Mandi September 23, 2003
a bitch ass mother fucker that masterbaits to your best friends picture!!

a stupid whore that has sex just for fun and money to buy more fuck buddies!!!
shanaynay:"im gonna have sex for money and i will like it then i will buy more fuck buddies".
by mandi June 17, 2004
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