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A slutty no talented whore!! The next Lindsay Lohan Or worse yet Brittany Spears Worst thing to happen to the planet EVER!!!!! She's boobless bootyless and has the absolute WORST singing voice ever!!!! She claims to be a rocker but only sings poppy bublegum crap!! If you like her your a fucking lifeless homo! =]
Little Girl:Mommy, Mommy! Miley is like so cool!! I wanna be just like her! Yay Miley Cyrus!!!!

Mom:Nooo!!!! Someone kill me!! Hun be a stripper the world doesn't need another Miley!!!
by MandaKaye=] September 02, 2008
stupid ugly boy band that everyone likes even though they are involved with miley cyrus and can't sing =]] it's true beeotch!!
"buring up BURNIING UPP" OWW MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jonas brothers!! Ughh!
by MandaKaye=] August 25, 2008
The BEST show on the whole fucking planet if you hate it your a fucking retard!!!!!!! But, if you listen to everything it says that makes you a retard too. But, Oh well!! It rocks!!!!!!!!!
Stan"Omg they killed kenny!!"
Kyle"You bastards!"
Never gets old south park is a classic!!!!
by MandaKaye=] August 25, 2008

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