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18 definitions by Malcolm

when someone stays with a woman/man he/she hates only for sex or fear of not being with a woman or man ever again.
-that poor bastard got the corbian syndrome.
by Malcolm November 26, 2004
13 3
dirty prostitute
tu sei una brutta sporca puttana.(you are an ugly dirty prostitute)
by malcolm June 02, 2004
12 2
Gented or "i done a gent"
To do something absolutely wrong (& could lead to hazardess results).
by Malcolm December 22, 2003
10 4
To be used in conjunction (for added emphasis) with "cunting" in describing a person (usually a man) who is a cunt.
Listen to me you cunting cunter, if you park in my space again I'll
by Malcolm April 28, 2004
27 22
The act of bedding three different women in any 24 hour period.
Guy 1 "Hey man, what you doin' tonight?"

Guy 2 "Nuthin much, jus' bangin' Chrystal"

Guy 1 "Fo' real. You finna get your jonmac bro!"

Guy 2 "Shamone, I'm the Mo Fo Man!"

Guy 1 "Word"
by Malcolm July 19, 2004
6 2
It is the best irc channel on (theres also some music thing associated with it)
#DigitalGunfire is the shit, y0
by malcolm June 16, 2004
4 0
a saying often used by black people that means "I understand what your saying"
idiot #1 Hey bro the man is keeping me down!
idiot #2 I hear your cry. I hear your cry
by malcolm March 12, 2004
3 0