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Shortened form of "G spot". G pot is short for Grafenberg spot after the first scientist to describe it.

There is a spot inside the vagina that is extremely sensitive to deep pressure. It is felt through the anterior or front wall of the vagina about five centimetres from the entrance. It makes most women cum, when properly stimulated.
I need you to let me get on top so you press against my G better.
by Malcolm January 25, 2004
vomiting on a dick while giving head

Background: Malcolm
My dick is so big, whenever a gurl gives me head, she does a sloppy joe
by Malcolm July 02, 2004
A mappy is a word created to describe an african american woman with extremely nappy hair.
Ohhhh mahhh gawdddd, look at her, she is soooo mappy, I cant beleive this shit
by Malcolm January 30, 2005
The stuff you put together in a programming language to make a program/script do something.
echo "I'm code";


void main(void) { printf("I'm code too!"); }
by Malcolm July 09, 2003

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