24 definitions by Malcolm X-crement

1: An alternate way of spelling "go screw yourself".

2: A good screen name for internet forums and junk email accounts.

3: What author Kim Phuc got after mating with a ram.
1: Telemarketer: "Hello, I'm calling...." Joe Sixpack: "Phuc Ewe! click....Bzzzzzz...."

2: Timmys' mom: "Timmy, who are you writing to on the computer?" Timmy: "Phuc Ewe, Mom."

3: "Me so horny...me love sheep long time....oh..look...me have little baby, Phuc Ewe and her twin sister, Phuc Ewe 2."
by Malcolm X-crement February 01, 2004
1. Noun: A flatus, expelled through the anus.
2: Verb: The act of expelling flatuses through the anus, usually fouling the surrounding air with a strong objectionable stench while producing a commical noise.
3: A contemptable or stupid person.
1. That fart that I just cut really smells good!
2. Open the window, I have to fart!
3. Mr. Crustybaum is such an old fart!
by Malcolm X-crement November 18, 2003
To have a very watery bowel movement that bursts out of ones anus uncontrollably, while making a noise similar to the noise heard when one squeezes a plastic bottle of Hersheys milk chocolate.

The shits; diarrhea.
I had to get up five times last night to walk Muffy, as she had the Hersheys again!
by Malcolm X-crement December 21, 2003
Short for Moses Horowitz- one the Three Stooges- a slap-stick comedy trio which acheived the height of their popularity in the 1940's. The other members were Curly and Larry. Moe was the dominant one, who would often physically abuse the other two, while they exhibited extreme ineptitude in everything that they attempted to do.
Moe: "You knucklehead!" gouges Curlys' eyes
by Malcolm X-crement December 25, 2003
1. A chocolate-covered peanut, often served in conjunction with raisinettes.

2. A wad of semi-hardened mucus which accumulates in ones nose.

3. A doofus- or ineffectual and silly person.
Pass me some goobers!

Look at this huge goober I pulled outa my nose!

My friend Eric is a total goober!
by Malcolm X-crement January 02, 2004
An urban version of a goober.
Look at that uber taking a piss in a doorway!
by Malcolm X-crement January 01, 2004
Creature, much like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Sasquatch and the Good Nigger- often spoken of, but one has never actually been seen by a reputable witness.
I met the perfect woman last night, just before I sailed my yacht back to my mansion.....yeah...that's the ticket!
by Malcolm X-crement January 05, 2004
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