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3 definitions by Mailer

To run like MailMan - lifting legs as high as possible, and looking like a complete Mailer.
"Oh my god, he's doing a MailRun!"
by Mailer February 11, 2004
One who mails, and uses stamps and envelopes as weapons against unexpecting victims.

The official title of Mailer is only given when the MailGod and MailGoddess decide to do so.
1. What a complete Mailer!

2. Oi you Mailer!

3. Stop hogging all the envelopes and save some for the Mailers!
by Mailer February 11, 2004
A Ronner is someone who loves Ronald McDonald.
Ronner: "Oh my god, Ron is so sexy"
Person: "You are SUCH a Ronner!"
by Mailer September 19, 2004