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THE BEST PUNK BAND EVER. IF YOU SAY THEY WERE NEW WAVE OR POP PUNK YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MUSIC.unlike all those stupid new "punk" bands they actually had talent. go out and learn to play better than them before you go insulting it!
The Clash was one of the most talented groups ever. anyone who says differently is just retarded and knows nothing baout music.
by Magik red anus January 14, 2004
an extremely painful or climactic death usually involving sandwiches. something being "death on a stick" means that the chances of dieing are nearly 100%. ULTRA CONCENTRATED DEATH!
Don't eat that sandwich, man, its full of explosives and/or rabbies! It's death on a stick!
by Magik red anus January 14, 2004
A REALLY big skanky bitch who hates all people or is hated by everyone.
That bitch is a skankasaurus, they should leave her on the roof of a high building 'til she dies or something.
by Magik Red Anus December 06, 2003
something said when one has nothing else to say.
Expressing anger or frustration
Oh Poop! The smell of burnt toast is slowly taking over my house!
by Magik Red Anus December 06, 2003
Someone who studies or enjoys anuses or shit.
The butt enthusiast tried to sodomize me with a hot poker.
by Magik Red Anus December 06, 2003
a contrived scheme about a terrible place used to scare people into believing in a god that does not exist.
hell is a lie, heaven is a lie, god is a lie.
by Magik red anus January 14, 2004
a person who thinks for themself instead of believing stupid fairy tales told by people who may or may not have even existed. someone who believes what they want and arent scared into believing what others tell them is true.
the atheist is no more wrong than the ones who do believe in god.
by Magik red anus January 04, 2004
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