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What idiots say when relaying a conversation they had. No matter who they were speaking to or where they where at the time, you will always find that they and the other conversational counterpart managed to turn around constantly. The idiot will claim that they "turnt round" to deliver a comment or action, and that the other person "turnt round" in order to respond, thus giving the impression that they spent the whole time twirling about.
"So, what happened?"

"Well, he turnt round and said that it couldn't be his cos he pulled out, so I turnt round and told him that he was a knob. I thought he was gonna shut up til he turnt round and called me a slag. So I turnt round and slapped him one and he turnt round looking well embarrassed!"
by MagickDio March 11, 2010
Those odd pinpricks of sparkling light that fill your vision before you pass out, and linger in your sights for at least 10 minutes after you've come round.
"Mate, I can't drink any more! I'm getting carkles!"

"I don't know if we can move him yet. Ask him if he still has carkles"
by MagickDio February 06, 2010
A person who tells you things which are a total waste of your time, or whines and complains at you. Forcing you to hear things you don't want to hear means they are virtually raping your ears with their words.
Tyrone will never be invited to another dinner party after he complained about every dish served at Sheila's. Then he told everyone about the time he met Sting. Now warnings have been issued about him being an ear rapist.
by MagickDio August 10, 2010
A more accurate name for the menstrual cycle in highly strung females. A lot of women will simply get on with it, however there are a significant proportion that just go full on fucking crazy. Experiences vary, but phrases such as "DON'T speak to me like that!!" and "Oh, well why don't you just fucking LEAVE if I'm so hard to live with!!" are common.

Men are expected to accept this, or they will suffer horribly. These women use the fact that they are menstruating, have just menstruated or are about to menstruate as a kind of "get out of jail free" card, which leaves them free to be psychotic bitches without fear of reprisal, which makes people hate them more and more all month long.

As a bystander to this train wreck, expect screeching, expect tears, expect no sex and expect to want to kill someone more than you ever have before.
"John, do you wanna go do something?"
"Daz, it's midnight! What do you expect us to do?"
"I don't care, my missus is in the middle of her Mental Cycle, so if I don't leave the house, I'll kill the bitch in her sleep"
by MagickDio March 06, 2010
The term "Scouse Logic" is applied to anything unsavoury or scummy suggested or perpetrated by somebody else. It comes from the idea that Scousers are, in general, the least human of all UK residents and behave like coke fuelled Nazi's at the best of times. Not all people from Liverpool are Scousers, but the ones that are should be easy to spot. The children eat nothing but pie and crisps, whilst their fathers regularly eat pavement and swallow their own teeth after picking yet another senseless fight. Nobody knows much about the mothers, you can rarely find them.
"We should drag that wrestler to the floor and give him a kicking."

"Seriously? You're seriously suggesting that we......ah, mate, that's Scouse Logic!!"
by MagickDio March 06, 2010
the clever, muscular contractions of the vagina that a woman who is an awesome fuck can effect. A squeezing, rippling sensation is felt on the penis, usually resulting in gasping and moaning from the lucky gent, and sometimes, uncontrollable jizzing and mumbled apologies.
"Oh my god, Claire totally sent me over the edge with her gash dance"

"Ever had a gash dance?"
by MagickDio February 04, 2010
A guy who always tries to get the same girls as you, and often manages. Your sexual histories contain a lot of the same names, and you hate and fear one another, yet oddly respect your equal potential for ho wrangling. If you ever encounter one another at a urinal, you will both sneakily try to glimpse each other's equipment, to assess the enemy's capabilities. You will never again talk to female friends who bed your rival.

You should never engage in a threesome with your dick enemy, no matter how hot the girl is, as you would likely half kill her through your mutual need to prove yourself the best, and then end up almost killing one another in a fight.
You can't shag Lewis, he's Rosco's dick enemy- he'll never talk to you again
by MagickDio August 20, 2010

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