16 definitions by Madison

Sometimes preppie, sometimes rich. An elitist prick who is “totally hateable.”
"evil nibblet fuck." -muttered under ones breath.
by madison June 02, 2006
A FAG who talks ... walks ... and well ... trys to do everything like a gangsta.
You stupid FAGSTA just be gay shut up.
by madison October 18, 2004
extremely attractive and orgasmic
madison is so meeblewopping
by madison January 21, 2004
1:a pathetic excuse to spout racist, sexist and other offensive terms.
2:a pathetic attempt to villanize the "white man". An attempt so pathetic, only liberal democrats and such devour it and live by it, even if they cant "self-identify" with it(oh! irony!
1:you cant say dyke! youre not a lesbian!
by Madison September 20, 2003
Commonly said by uppity groups of people, but also those ready to fuck the dumb shit and just get down to business
A rival dance group is about to get f'in served. The other team boasts, "Let's do this."
by Madison April 20, 2004
Weird and unusual ,strange sometimes homosexual or transvestite
Look at that person she is so ry
by madison April 19, 2004
ugly weird and unusual strange homoish transvestiteish
Omga did u see that ry over there ?
by madison April 19, 2004

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