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A place that has been to the depths of hell itself. It used to be a wonderful site, have a nice layout, and awesome forums. Now, it has a layout to attract 8 year olds, a separate site for animations owned by the SAME COMPANY, and forums dominated by tight-assed mods and 4chan wannabes. This site is also known as UGOPlayer now.
"I miss the old FP(Flashplayer)."

"Yeah, seriously, UGOP(UGOplayer) sucks man."
by Nicholas S. M. October 30, 2007
a leeser flash cartoons/games site to www.newgrounds.com

flashplayer.com updates 2 things every 2 weeks yet newgrounds is updated every 2 DAYS....plus newgrounds has something then 2 weeks later flashplayer get the samething
jesse: go to flashplayer.com
matt: no fag taht place sux
jesse:theres nowhere else to go
matt : watch this (goes to newgrounds)
by matthew alexander 3rd November 15, 2004
A site where you can watch flash. But why watch flash when you can participate in the forums of this wonderland? This place is much like a religion, if you join the forum, you will see sprawls of people. The popular/powerful/"senior", like Anima, Nepharski, HWolf, and Almighty David. The mods, like LPForever, Ninjit-shoe, Exion, and Anarchistmunkey. The normal, like XxGuitarFreekxX, and the stupid, like Chazz, Kaspar, and Mattman. In this clash of people types, you see much in flashplayer. This subculture has evolved from just talking about these flash cartoons created with Macromedia Flash into a chatboard.
Flashplayer is dominated by the "seniors". One wrong move around them and you are toast.
by Jennifer Pellici December 30, 2005