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3 definitions by MadMetal

A truly brilliant modern game encompassing many realistic features never before seen in a game before.Optimised for ATI cards. Wooooow i sound sad. Ah well. HALF LIFE 2 IS GR8
Kikin the Shit Outta Doom 3 in graphics,physics and plot. Geek Power!
by MadMetal January 18, 2005
202 39
An outburst of the more traditional w00t, reserved for occasions of great importance. Not to be overused
1337: Dude, I got 8 n00bs in one

1337 2: That calls for a wh00t
by MadMetal October 01, 2005
23 4
Verb. The act of an entity becoming that with the same physical properties as flubber, through process of pasteurisation, possibly whilst being beaten with a decomposing trout. Upon completion of this action, flubber is formed.

"Thats wobbly man, wobbly"
by MadMetal November 21, 2006
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