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17 definitions by Machman

n. The art of performing Cunnilingus for fun, or a particular experience of Cunnilingus that was 'fun'.
'Oh my god manlads, I just had some smacklipping funnilingus.'
by Machman January 25, 2009
a convenient mispelling of hotmail.com, which resulted in the birth of a new word... Probably describing a hottie in your inner circle.
'Yes, yes she is some serious Hometail.com'
by Machman January 25, 2009
Although close to cunnilingus and funnilingus, not quite so enjoyable... The 'art' of administering oral sex to an infected vajay. - Not nice at all
'Oh my god man, what's up with you?!'
'I feel so bad, just got myself some fungilingus!' *vomits*
by Machman January 25, 2009
Arsehole... Shcvincter... Butthole... You know it.
'Check out my sweet walnut imprint!'

'Cor, my walnut imprint is SORE!'
by Machman January 25, 2009
The word used to say 'gutted' to a fucktard.
Works best as a solo word.
'I just completely pwned myself running upstairs.'
by Machman January 25, 2009
Curly Bum Hair
'You sir, are a total GLEGG head!'

'I Just caught my gleggs in my thong'
by Machman January 25, 2009
A product, the result of maturing smeg/dickcheese (wrapping in tin foil helps with freshness) then proceeding to dip in wax, creating a seal like the cheese product baby bel, on the end of your bellpiece.
'Try some of my ba ba ba, ba Baby Bel-End.'
'Yum... nice.'
by Machman January 25, 2009