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The white lines right below a woman's ass cheeks, usually caused by excessive tanning and the skin folds of an ample ghetto booty.
I thought that ho I met at the pool the other day had a perfect tan, but as I bent her over for k9 back at my place, her asswhites almost blinded me.
by Mach3 December 09, 2007
The online "verbal" diaria of posting too much on Facebook in too short of a period of time. As in overly prolific in posting to Facebook.
I went complete facebooklific tonight, but I just happened to find all these interesting things to share ... and that extra glass of wine didn't help either.
by Mach3 September 02, 2009
An expression defining the act of meeting someone so much younger, so much hotter and so much more willing than your current wife, that in the matter of hours you decide to leave a wife of 20+ years behind. The act must also be preceded by the existence of a perfectly happy marriage that showed no signs of weakness up until the moment you "go fiji"
We were all traveling for work and my coworker disappeared for a solid two days. He met some young hottie at the bar and immediately decided to divorce the old hag he had left at home. We knew the moment he met the girl that he was about to go Fiji.
by Mach3 October 29, 2009
Slang for having sex, as in short version of "take a ride on my disco stick".
My friend texted me last night at almost 3am. I love those late-night requests for disco time.
by Mach3 October 08, 2009
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