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A free image hosting solution.
Guy 1: Look at my pictures.
Guy 2: All I see is red x's. Next time upload at www.imageshack.us
Guy 3: Oh snap. Thanks!
by Macbeth February 02, 2004
Conformity to fact or actuality, a statement proven to be or accepted as true.
Person 1: That movie was excellent.
Person 2: tr00f!
by Macbeth December 23, 2003
1. A male who posesses homosexual tendencies, such as dressing like a flaming homosexual.

2. An insult for a male heterosexual, usually done by a homosexual.
"This (homosexual issue) does not concern YOU, het-boy"
by Macbeth January 18, 2004
One of the best mods in the history of internet forums, has zero tolerance for retardation and hosts one sw33t site on SickosOnParade.com.
I'll be playing Toejam & Earl and remembering what it was like when video games were fun.

by Macbeth November 03, 2003

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