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The international phrase for a "large amount," of anything being described.
The my boss dumped a Butt Load of work on my desk for me to finish. After that I quit.
by MacGordon July 18, 2004
An older term used in the 70's & into the 80's about girls. One would say, "tie a piece of gum to the end of a fishing pole and you could catch yourself a bubblegummer."

Term coined from the incessant smacking and poping of bubble gum by the female gender. Very popular saying in Highschools of that time period.
Person 1: Hey, you have any gum?

Person 2: Yeah, why?

Person 1: Because, here come a group of bubblegummers, and maybe you can finally get a date.

Person 3: Hahaha, no doubt.
by MacGordon July 31, 2004
A generic term to describe any noun that might be in rough to bad condition, or something of no worth. When used properly, the term is a replacement for the actual brand name of the item.
Person 1: Hey, what kind of bike is that?
Person 2: It's a stink'n Jalopomy!
Person 1: What?
Person 2: A Huffy you idiot. I got it at K-mart.
by MacGordon July 18, 2004
A person bent on calling other people, places, and things, by names other than what they are.

Most names given to these nouns are subtle descriptions in a negative format.
Person 1: My "stinking" life sucks. (Person then trips and falls to ground) Hey you "idiot" football player, I just tripped over this "stupid" football of yours. Why don't you and your "moron" friends go play in a burning building.

Football Player: I'm going to beat you up...you "NAME CALLER"

Female: Stop it, I will date you both.

Dog: Woof woof, bark!

Person 1: "Retarded" Dog!
by MacGordon July 30, 2004
Slang - Short for kleptomaniac

The uncontrollable inhibition to take material possessions from another person.

Also see Thief.
Person 1: Hey, can I barrow your mp3 player?

Person 2: Nope, I left in my dorm room and some stupid klepto came by and ripped me off.

Person 2: That smells out loud man!

Person 1: Tell me about it!

Person 2: I think I just did.
by macgordon July 31, 2004

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