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A term to use when searching for friends in a busy environment, i.e pub, club etc.
I interfound her in the toilet
I feel like I've been interfinding all night
by Macca March 29, 2005
a)sweet home,
b)name given to website where mainly youth can discuss and view each other www.illadee.com.au
c) name given to place where illadee.com.au originally came from, the training room, gunnedah nsw australia
a) i'm going back to illadee
b) did u see that photo on illadee
c) the partys at illadee
by macca January 12, 2004
a shreek at da top of ya voice. more commonly emitted when pissed but can still be heard when not.
if excited yell KACK-KAAAR!
by macca December 26, 2004
He who is silent. Often likes to sit alone and ponder life. An at times soliraty individual, who loves to make synical remarks at thos less fortunate than himself.
Did you murdered his grandma, hes such an Agdune.
by Macca February 16, 2005
stinks of wee and biscuits
Bock you strondol
by MaCcA June 05, 2003
Something I love doing every Friday... oh and Mondays through Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
* noc` was kicked by Macca (POF! (#287))
by Macca November 12, 2004
Burberry,Fred Perry etc wearin
Nova drivin,
Mc'Donalds workin

Look at dat tredy, wat a bender
by Macca October 17, 2003
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