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A slang word for stretching of a body piercing. The correct term is stretching.
"Hey, I'm gauging up my eat today!"
"She's been gaugin' up that for forever"
#gauge #stretching #gage #body piercings #0g
by MS/Billybobjo October 02, 2006
A piercing coming down from a Large gauge septum Also known as a Jungle Piercing.
"Wow that guy has a septril"
#septum #septume #jungle piercing #body piercing #retainer
by MS/Billybobjo October 03, 2006
This is a type of Architecture. Mostly found in the late 1200s. NOT a type of person or style of music that is goth Do not get mixed up!! A person cannot be Gothic only goth.
"That church has beautiful gothic architecture. The staind glass and Pointed arches"
#gothic freak #goth #emo #freak #buildings
by MS/Billybobjo October 03, 2006
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