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among your friends, these are the few that you are actually around the most, also can represent the main group in a tailgating organization.

Background: Started at Louisiana State University
I am tailgating with the coregroup this saturday.
by MJS September 10, 2004
A group of people of another race than yours. Commonly used while in a crowd of them, you could for example say
Wow that free stuff sure did attract alot of demographics.
by MJS May 17, 2005
Slang for Canibiss
Pass us some kani, bro
by mjs March 12, 2003
mij's bitch
kani, get me a drink, you hoe
by mjs March 12, 2003
a breed of pig
kani-kani - Ooink
by mjs March 12, 2003
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