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Early 90's slang for what is now termed a metrosexual
"He's in a yellow camaro, skin so smooth, a buttercup boy from the funny school."
- Sir Mix-A-Lot, "Cake Boy"
by MJMizzle August 11, 2006
The delicious topping that 133t h4x0rs sprinkle over pwned n00bs. Can be either white or red, and occasionally pesto.
(Some n00b has just been pwned)

1337 h4x0r: "pwn sauce!"
by MJMizzle August 02, 2007
Free Beat Down, or a beat down given to someone for free
I gave that punk-ass nug an FBD for the low low price of free 99
by MJMizzle September 02, 2006
The explorer who spent his whole life searching for the Fountain of Pwn, which would make anyone who drank from it a 1337 pwnz0r for life.

Today, the term is used to describe any n00b who gets continually pwned at something and never improves, yet keeps coming back for more.
Guy 1: "Crap! I've been playing Halo for 4 years now and I've never won a game of capture the flag."

Guy 2: "Give it up, Pwnce de Leon."
by MJMizzle October 09, 2007
Getting charged a ridiculous fee by Cingular for using your Apple iPhone.
Guy 1: WTF?! I just got charged $3000 for using my iPhone during my trip to Europe!

Guy 2: Dude, you just got iPwned
by MJMizzle August 29, 2007
pwn contained within a box. Can be given as a gift to n00bs.
1. You cut a hole in the box

2. You put your pwn in that box

3. You make the n00b open the box

by MJMizzle October 02, 2007
A portmanteau of croosh and douchebaggery. It is douchebaggery to the absolute extreme.
Did you see that guy kick that blind man and then steal his wallet? What crooshbaggery.
by MJMizzle August 28, 2006

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